Getting ready for radiation

By | September 6, 2015

Dear friends,
Bram is doing well at the moment. He is recovering from his last surgeries. His tracheostomy is making his life a bit easier. Only a little bit of extra oxygen required (less than 1.0 litre per minute). He is happily playing in his little chair again and i am pleased to report that he is finally able to sit unsupported at times. He is still a bit wobbly but his balance is good enough to manage. This is quite remarkable since the tumor was in a location which is responsible among other things for balance and coordination. He is also starting to roll over on his front and we have had him sit on his hands and knees again as well. He keeps on amazing everyone.

After staying in GOSH for just over 2 months Bram got transferred to UCLH last tuesday. And Bram got a nice room. Located on the 11th floor he has a superb view over London. On wednesday a CT scan was done and measurement were taken to prepare a face mask for Bram to be worn during his radiation sessions.

Tomorrow (monday) Bram will receive his first radiation treatment session. The coming six weeks, every day, monday to friday he will have these sessions. He will be under general anaesthetics every day to ensure he can’t move at all. We have our fingers crossed for him.

Realistically this is his last (but best and preferred) treatment option. Radiation has encouraging success rates. We hope that this will cure Bram. He has fought so hard and will keep the fight going. We are extremely proud of Bram. He has been through hell, but he is incredibly strong and keeps smiling. Please pray, send positive thoughts or light a candle for him. We believe it will help him beat this horrible disease.

Thank you!


Jeroen, Laura, Max and “mr smile” Bram


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