I am Bram Sengers (2 years old) and I am a superhero!
Together with my beloved brother Max, my mummy Laura and my daddy Jeroen I live in Horley, Surrey, England.
I was born on a sunny day, the 15th of March 2014. My birth was very easy and special. I was delivered while still in the amniotic sac. Mummy’s waters never broke.
Some believe this is a sign of luck in life…..

My life was pretty normal till just before my first birthday, when I started uncontrolled vomiting.
I got hospitalised after 10 days and a few days later doctors discovered I had a malignance cancerous brain tumour.
My fight continues to this day, 15 surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, 240 days in hospital so far, I have seen it all.
And I am currently in remission. No evidence of cancer anymore.

Please read my whole story on this site, send me a card or make a donation to one of the charities involved.

Thank you,

Bram Sengers