A long-term survivor

By | February 15, 2021

Dear friends,

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. It also happens to be exactly 5 years to the day we came closest to losing Bram when his line got infected and he ended up with a septic shock and nearly died. Cancer has forever changed Bram’s (and ours) life. He is severely handicapped and will have life lasting effects of his illness and treatment. Bram is a clear example that a child can survive cancer, but that the cost can be high. We need earlier detection, kinder and more effective treatment to give other children a better outlook.

We also like to share with you today the news that Bram recently had his final MRI scan and it is good news. Still a clean scan. As we have now passed the 5-year mark since he finished treatment, we have agreed with Bram’s amazing oncologist that more maintenance scans are not necessary anymore as the risk of further disease is so small now that we don’t need further scans unless there is a medical reason to do so. Bram is now a long-term survivor!


Team Bram (Jeroen, Laura, Max, Bram and Anoek)

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I am Jeroen Sengers, 42 years old and living in Horley, United Kingdom. Married to Laura. We have 3 kids, Max (9 yrs old), Bram (8 yrs old) and Anoek (2). I work as a captain for easyJet. In my spare time I enjoy running. But what I enjoy most is spending time with my wife and kids.