By | November 28, 2021

Dear friends, the last couple of weeks have been challenging for us, especially for Bram. 2 weeks ago, Bram came home with a minor cold. When he got a bit of a temperature a few days later we did a COVID-19 test. Bram tested positive. Surprisingly though Bram appeared to manage this disease very well. He had a bit of a cough and a temperature, but nothing to really worry us. At the same time Anoek and myself ended up with a “normal” cold. Just as Bram was coming to the end of his 10-day quarantaine he fell ill again and quite quickly deteriorated to a point that we decided to take him to our local hospital. After some testing it was concluded he had picked up another viral infection (non-covid). He had a few tough nights needing up to 8 litres of oxygen, but eventually his prescribed antibiotics started to do their job and this morning Bram was discharged from hospital to further recover at home. Laura stayed with Bram in hospital the whole time, not being able to even leave the room due to covid restrictions. I tried to keep our household running with the help of Laura’s parents as well as flying in storm Arwen. We are absolutely shattered but grateful Bram is home and recovering. Love, Team Bram

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I am Jeroen Sengers, 42 years old and living in Horley, United Kingdom. Married to Laura. We have 3 kids, Max (9 yrs old), Bram (8 yrs old) and Anoek (2). I work as a captain for easyJet. In my spare time I enjoy running. But what I enjoy most is spending time with my wife and kids.