Treatment finished

Dear friends,

Today is a day for celebrations. Bram has finished his cancer treatment. Earlier this morning Bram had his 30th and final round of radiotherapy. The radiotherapy team had a certificate and present waiting for him when he woke up from his anaesthetic.

This afternoon Bram’s nurses threw him a party as well. Balloons, hats, cake, food and again a present from the ward were waiting for him.

Laura and myself are enormously proud of Bram. All he has had to go through over the last couple of months is far more than can be expected of anyone. Bram is a superb fighter and determined to come out on top. We now start the long wait to find if he will achieve a cure. The odds have been against him time after time, but he surprised us every time. That gives us the hope and believe he will win his fight.

Bram will now recover from treatment for a couple of days and early next week the last checkups will be made. At the moment we are expecting to finally take Bram home again in the middle of next week.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram


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