Surgery cancelled

Dear friends,

Thank you for all the messages of support for Bram today. Unfortunately after a long delay his surgery was cancelled at the last moment today. Bram requires specialist care after surgery ansd that turned out to be unavailable today.
His surgery will now be rescheduled for next month. Bram is still in London and stays the next two nights in the patient hotel with us. On thursday is his next major appointment. He will undergo his 3-monthly MRI scan to see if the cancer is still away (and check a few more things). Bram will have to have a general aneastetic as always. This MRI scan and the wait for the result is by far the most stressfull thing happening in our lives at the moment. Bram is doing well, is rapidly improving, can finally sit unaided and there is no reason to believe we won’t get a good result.
But we can’t see inside his head and you never know. The next week will be absolutely nervewrecking.
We will keep you updated when we have the result. Can you please send some positive thoughts, light a candle or prey for him.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram

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