Our hero goes to school

Dear friends,

Today is a special day for us, a very special day. After a few settling in sessions over the last couple of weeks, Bram is having his first day at school today.

Our remarkable little boy, but great fighter has reached a major milestone. We often thought this day would never happen. Bram truly has no limits and will continue to surprise and inspire us.

His many disabilities have made it impossible so far to even attend a single day of nursery in his life. But with the help of so many, Bram has grown stronger and stronger and we feel finally that it is safe for Bram to attend school. He is going to a special/needs school in Reigate where they are able to give him all the attention he needs as well as cater for his medical needs. Transport has been organised to get him and. His medical escort to and from school. Initially 3 mornings a week.

Bram will be able to socialise with other children and learn new skills. It will be tough and tiring for him, but Bram will adapt and conquer this challenge as well.

As you can see in the photo Max is a very proud big brother, and helped Bram to stand up for a photo. Bram is still unable to stand unsupported, but with a bit of support of the wall and Max it goes pretty well.

Bram going to school is a big change for him, but equally for us. We have cared for him since the day he was born, we are experts in him and his needs and we need to let go of him now that he is away for a few hours.

For the first time since Max was born more than six years ago, Laura and myself have some time off. We will need some time to adjust the new situation and are looking forward to spend some time together and have a bit of free time to do the simple things in life we have been unable to do. This morning we went grocery shopping in Tesco for the first time together in years. Our life will finally become a little bit more “normal”.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram

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