One year cancer free!

Dear friends,

Yesterday, after 2 cancelled appointments Bram finally had his MRI scan. As always done under full general anaesthetic. Bram’s oncologist was present as well and he was able to confirm to us quickly that Bram had delivered another CLEAN SCAN!
We can now celebrate that Bram has been cancer free for more than a year, this is the longest he has been without cancer in his whole life.
As you can see Bram is still making progress. He has recently managed to sit up unaided (with the occasional tumble) and he is now working hard to learn to stand. He has specialist equipment to aid him in this. Bram is so determined not only to beat his cancer but also to learn to sit/stand/crawl. He keeps on trying. We are enormously proud of him, he is our inspiration.
More good news for us is that Max is finally potty trained. Life is kind to us at the moment, and we are now making final preparations for our first family holiday (center parcs) innearly two years.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and our hero Bram


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