One more week of radiation left

Dear friends,

Week 5 of treatment has finished. And it is still going well. Bram is coping really well with the radiation and daily general anaesthetic. Only minor side effects. Bram has an active schedule. And we are able to take him out a couple of times a week for a walk outside. Bram is also getting the occasional visitor. His grandparents visit every now and then and big brother Max comes every weekend.

With only 1 more week of treatment left plans are being made to get Bram home soon after. This weekend we are decorating Bram’s new bedroom. And we can’t leave Max out. So also decorating his bedroom. The first pieces of equipment have arrived in anticipation of getting Bram home. Feeding pump and supplies, saturation monitor, suction machine have all arrived. Next week we expect Bram’s hospital style bed to be delivered and also his oxygen concentrator.

Bram will still need extra care when he gets home and we are currently awaiting a proposal from the NHS for extra nursing care at home. More than likely Bram will have a night nurse a couple of nights a week to help him and to give Laura and myself a bit of rest.

We have our fingers crossed for Bram. With his treatment coming to an end we will start this nervous time in which we will have to wait and see if treatment has been successful. Bram will have regular MRI scans to assess this. Whatever happens in the future we are extremely proud of our heroic fighter. He has pulled through and has shown us the true meaning of courage. If anyone can beat this horrible disease it will be Bram.

Thank you for all your support over the last 7 months.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram 


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