One month at home

Dear friends,

Bram has been home for exactly one month. We are glad to say it is going well. It took Bram a couple of days to get used to his new surroundings but he is now completely used to it again. He is developing quickly. His hand eye coordination, his balance, his breathing, it is all improving. And Bram is getting very close to be able to crawl again.

For us it is amazing to be a family again. All sleeping under the same roof, spending time with our boys together. Big brother Max is amazing. He switches all Bram’s machines on, cuddles him, brings him toys and generally looks out for him. He lets us know instantly if something is up with Bram, or if his oxygen gets disconnected. And he is such a happy boy. It is great to see the bond between these boys.

Bram has had his first follow up appointments already, and so far the medical team is very satisfied with Bram. He has had no after effects from radiotherapy. His treatment has been without any problems since the second tumour has been removed back in late July.

Going forward Bram will have an MRI scan on the 1st of December. This scan will tell us if the radiotherapy had any effect. Hopefully it will show a clean picture, indicating that treatment has been successful(for now) otherwise we have a big problem. Can you please pray, send positive thought or light a candle for him on the 1st. It is a make or break day for him and us.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and our hero Bram

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