Here We Go Again….

Dear friends,

Here we go again….
Yesterday Bram was rushed to hospital by ambulance. He suddenly fell unwell after his weekly line care. Within minutes he developed a temperature of nearly 40 degrees, his heart rate went to 195, he started shivering and went very blue. No time was wasted and he was transferred to our local hospital where he stabilised. Lots of test were done. Than in the middle of the night the same happened again, but worse. Temperature went up within minutes after antibiotics to 40.3 degrees, heart rate of 212, shivery and very blue again. Again the medical team stabilised Bram and he has been stable since.
It turns out his Hickman line (IV line for his chemotherapy) is infected and when used caused septic shock for Bram. This line won’t be used anymore as not to endanger him any further. We are currently awaiting the plans forward with this. But it will involve surgery within the next couple of days to remove this Hickman line. For that Bram will be transferred to either Great Ormond Street Hospital or King’s College Hospital.
Also next week Bram will undergo investigative surgery to check out his airway and have a MRI scan to check the effectiveness of his cancer treatment. So a tough week ahead for our heroic fighter.

We will keep you updated over the next couple of days.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and the incredible Bram

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