Dear friends,

Another update on Bram.
Bram spent 3 nights in hospital earlier this week with a chest infection. He has mostly recovered and returned home yesterday. He is still making slow but steady progress in his recovery. 

Tomorrow Bram will be admitted to GOSH for a planned 5/6 day admission. His medical team are going to attempt to decannulate Bram. His tracheotomy is to be taken out. This is a stepped process in which Bram will have to prove he can safely live without the help of his tracheotomy. Currently there is no reason why This should not work, but the past has shown that Bram is not a standard patient. 

If he decannulates successfully this would be a massive step for Bram. Breathing through nose and mouth again, no more daily tape changes and monthly tube changes. Additionally it would enable air past his vocal cords. Bram should finally be able to make noise again. We can’t wait to hear his laughter or crying again and hopefully over time he will be able to learn to speak. We have missed his voice in the last 8 months. 

We have our fingers crossed for him. If anyone can do it it is Bram. Please pray for Bram, light a candle or send him some positive thoughts over the next couple of days. 


Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram

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