Chemo is not working

Dear friends,

Unfortunately I do have to share very bad news again. Bram has detioriarated over the weekend after his third round of chemo. He was having more and more issues with breathing and was breath holding a lot. An MRI scan was done this morning and it showed that the tumour has grown quickly. Chemo therapy is not working for Bram. 

Tomorrow morning Bram will have to undergo surgery to resect(remove) the tumour. This will have to be followed up by radiation soon after. The medical team is currently assessing whether to go for conventional radiation in the UK or for Proton Beam radiation in the US. His surgery is not without risk for Bram, but it is the only option at the moment and it needs to be done urgently. 

We are devastated and scared with current events. But there is still a plan, and that gives us hope. Bram is an amazing fighter, our hero. He will fight again to beat his cancer and we will be at his side to support him. Over the next couple of days I will keep you all updated.

Bram will need all his strength in the next couple of days. Can you support him by praying for him, light a candle for him, or just send him some positive thoughts. 


Jeroen, Laura, Max and our heroic Bram


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