Breathing by himself!

Dear friends

Time for an update on Bram. He is currently on the Intensive Care Unit in Evelina Children’s Hospital. He got transferred there on sunday. On Monday surgeons performed an MLB investigation. They used a small camera to examine Bram’s throat and airway. They concluded they wanted to give Bram one more chance to start breathing by himself. On Tuesday morning his tubing and ventilator have been removed and I am very happy to tell you that so far this is going reasonably well.

Some neurological issues are still playing up which makes his breathing still not completely normal, but he is managing fine. We genuinely believe Bram has made an important step in his recovery! We expect Bram to finally leave the intensive care unit in the next couple of days.

We hope to return to Kings College Hospital in the next couple of days to continue working on his neurological issues. When he gets stronger we can than move on to his cancer treatment. For this we most likely have to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, and hopefully soon after to the United States.

Bram has a long journey ahead of him, but he fights hard every day. We can see him getting a tiny bit better every day, and slowly the Bram as we know him is coming back to us. This gives us hope and strength!

We have been deeply touched by your generosity with the fundraiser we have started for Bram. We have lost touch with reality lately, have slept at home maybe 3 nights, eat in hospitals and fastfood restaurants, sleep in a Ronald McDonald Charity house and see Max maybe once a week. It is really tough going for us, but your friendship, generosity, kind messages, get well cards make it so much easier.

Thank you!

Jeroen, Laura, Max en Bram!

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