Another blocked shunt

Dear friends,

On Sunday evening Bram started to vomit again uncontrollably and yesterday morning Bram continued to be sick and was very sleepy and lethargic. Laura did not like what she saw and took him straight to East Surrey Hospital. While he was there he weakened further and showed disturbing neurological behaviour. Bram was stabilised by the medical team and a CT scan was performed. After liaising with Great Ormond Street Hospital it was confirmed that Bram’s VP Shunt (brain drain) had once again blocked. Together with 2 doctors Bram and I were taken by ambulance with sirens and blue lights on to Great Ormond Street Hospital. As there was not enough space in the ambulance Laura quickly followed by train.

On arriving in Great Ormond Street Hospital Bram was taken to theatre straight away to have emergency surgery to have his VP shunt replaced. Surgery went well and Bram is now recovering on the Intensive Care Unit. He is still very weak and groggy but otherwise well and will be in hospital for at least another 24 hours.

We can only hope he will have a bit more luck and time with this VP shunt (his fifth). As always Bram is an incredible fighter and he will overcome this as well.

UPDATE: on a more positive note, we just realised that yesterday was also the two-year anniversary of finishing his cancer treatment, and so far it has been an absolute succes. Bram, we are so proud of you and what you have been through. You are incredible!

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram.

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