A good week

Dear friends,

Bram has had a good week. After his emergency surgery last week he has made good progress. His external drain is working well and the plan is to have more surgery on monday to install an internal VP shunt(drain) again. This will be his 3rd, so hopefully third time lucky.

The first couple of days after surgery Bram was quite upset and grumpy but the last couple of days we have seen the real Bram again. Smiling a lot, he is able to sit and play in his seat again. Highlight of his day is playing with his stacking cups.

If he is not sleeping or playing Bram loves to watch Zandkasteel (dutch tweenies) on his iPad. But even better for him is to see his brother Max on skype every couple of days. He almost jumps off our laps when he sees max on the screen. The brotherly love is still there.

As mentioned before another round of surgery on monday, followed by another round on the next monday. If these surgeries go well, no complications arise and Bram is well behaved, he will be ready to be transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital to start his chemo treatment.

We do feel a lot more positive and upbeat than last week. Bram showed us how strong he is, and we follow his lead. This boy will beat his disease.
Thank you all for your support, we read every message and it gave us strength in the difficult time we have had lately.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram

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