Dear friends,

Bram is back from hospital. Unfortunately not with the result we hoped for. Bram still has a tracheostomy. After a few days of step by step testing it is clear to us and the medical team Bram is not yet ready to live without his tracheostomy. Although disappointing for us and especially for Bram there are still a few positives. Bram has shown he can manage to live with a smaller tracheostomy than before, meaning he will be able to get some air through nose and mouth again. This is a positive sign for the future.

Bram’s medical team are now looking at what is needed for Bram to eventually be able to live without a tracheostomy. Over the next couple of months several medical professionals will have a look at him and come up with the best plan to get this to work for him as well as coming up with a plan how to deal with his oxygen requirements. With that in place we can hopefully try again in about 6 months.

This is not a setback for us, just not as much progress as we hoped. Bram is a fighter, and we believe he will eventually overcome this as well just as he has overcome so many hurdles in his young life. He has beaten cancer, his victory lap to overcome all other problems will just be slightly longer!

Thank you all for your messages of support over the last couple of days (and over the last year).

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram


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