3 years ago…

Dear friends,

3 years ago Bram had his second brain tumour removed. It was a make or break surgery that day. In the days leading up to this Bram had deteriorated and stopped breathing a couple of times a day. We knew that if the surgeons were unable to remove the tumour completely we most likely would lose Bram in the next couple of days/weeks.

The surgeon did his magic that day, and the follow up radiotherapy has resulted that he is still cancer free to this day.

He still has a long list of problems, but as long as cancer does not rear its ugly head again we can handle it. Bram is enjoying a few more weeks off before he will be able to start school later this year.

He will attend a special needs school in reigate, and we will have a phased start from September with the aim of an official school start somewhere this Autumn. How kids do grow up!

We are excited and we believe school is what he needs. More therapy and interaction and help to develop himself, even superheroes like Bram with all his superhuman powers can develop more.

But before that is is now time to celebrate his anniversary in his quest to be cured of cancer.

Jeroen, Laura, Max and Bram

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